While homes are becoming a very popular choice for window film, commercial window tinting Denver is picking up as well, and for good reason. Commercial window tinting can offer business owners with all varying types of facilities great benefits. Here are some of the most popular reasons that businesses invest in window tinting:


Energy efficiency: If your office, warehouse, or retail space has a lot of windows, energy saving window tinting can be extremely beneficial. You can save up to 60 percent each month on your heating and cooling bills, allowing you to better afford to keep your place of business at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. Spend that saved money on other investments to grow your business.

Privacy: If you’ve got a glass walled office, you probably often get that fish-bowl feeling. Invest in mirrored film, or even opaque decorative film to get more privacy, and to make your space more comfortable to work in.

UV Protection: Untreated windows only block 11 percent of damaging UV rays from passing through, allowing your floors, walls, and belongings to incur sun damage. Commercial window tinting Denver blocks 99 percent of UV rays from passing through, keeping everything in your facility safe from sun damage.

Security: Security film is one of the biggest reasons to invest in window tinting for your place of business. Security tinting can protect your business from potential break-ins, or from glass-breaking natural disasters. This product will actually work to hold originally fragile glass and keep it from shattering or breaking apart. It is extremely difficult to break, even intentionally.

No matter why you’re looking into window tinting for your facility, our experts can help. Schedule an appointment with one of our experts who can show you which options are best for your unique building and needs. Contact us today to learn more about getting commercial window tinting Denver today!

Mike Kinsey is the Chief Operating Officer at Denver Commercial Window Tinting and has been installing window film for over a decade. His background includes years of experience in the construction industry as well as extensive project management. Mike oversees all day to day operations at the Denver branch, including onsite management of window film installations, sales, and customer relations. His knowledge of security, privacy/decorative, and energy efficient window film products is extensive, giving him the skill and aptitude to select the ideal film for any application. Mike's expertise is backed by certifications from 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education.