Solar Gard: is an innovative film and protective coatings for commercial windows

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Solar Gard For Your Denver Commercial Property

Solar Gard is the picture of an innovative window film and a pioneer of protective coatings for commercial windows. It is proven to perform at the very highest levels for commercial properties much like your. It is among the strongest players in the window tint industry and what’s more is geared towards saving commercial property owners money in a short amount of time. Its visual qualities are second to none and for commercial properties, it solves a unique set of window problems relating to the sun and never sacrifices beauty or clarity while doing so. Solar Gard’s unique combination of form and functions is valuable to you as a commercial building owner since its profit potential is so very far reaching.

Commercial Window Applications For Solar Gard

Solar Gard window films are so well renowned because they serve a variety of commercial window needs. Likewise, their products are always cutting edge product and function as a cost effective solution for many problems relating to the sun. They are well known for their high ROI and as being as affordable as they are effective. This makes Solar Gard tints and films a strong go-to window film option for commercial property owners interested in generating profit.

Solar Gard Color Gives You Options

Solar Gard is a polyester film which is dyed with high-quality coloring agents. This creates different shades of film, all with a high-end appearance. The options are variable including such choices as Dyed, Nano, Metalized and Multistack. This means commercial building owners options for clarity and color are extended well beyond traditional offering. When it comes to changing, matching or improving the style of your windows with tint- Solar Gard is the window film to consider. It offers style, sophistication and a vast array of option. However, it is as effective as the best films on the market and still offers all the traditional benefits of other films

Window Film Benefits Such As:

  • -Energy Cost Savings
  • Glare Reductions
  • Extended HVAC Life
  • Safety And Security
  • Privacy

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