Is Tinted Window Film Better for Energy Efficiency?

October 6, 2019 in Energy Efficient Window Tint

When you’re running a business, every dollar matters. It’s important that you go into any investment educated and prepared. That’s why when it comes to window tinting, many Denver business owners have questions about the ROI difference between clear films and tinted films.

There’s a pretty popular belief that tinted films are better for energy efficiency than clear films. But this really a common misconception. Here’s what does matter when it comes to window tinting options and your business.

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Exterior Resurfacing: Window Film Breckenridge Applications and Benefits

September 18, 2019 in Aggregate, Exterior Resurfacing

Breckenridge is filled with commercial properties that accommodate all the various industries present in this mountain town. Commercial properties have a different set of requirements in order to really address the needs of the many building occupants. Outdated commercial properties can have a tough time keeping tenants while attracting new, potential tenants. For properties with outdated and/or damaged windows, finding an affordable solution that prioritizes scheduling needs is a must. Exterior resurfacing offers a cost-effective way to update your property.

Window Film Breckenridge Benefits for Exterior Resurfacing

Our premier exterior resurfacing service utilizes premium energy-saving window film for improving the function and aesthetics of your commercial property. By painting the spandrel around your windows and installing window film, we’re able to conceal outdated and damaged windows. The result is a highly modern look that incorporates whatever hue or finish you’re interested in. Window film provides UV protection, glare reduction, energy conservation, and privacy benefits that can all improve the comfort of your property. Attract new tenants while improving tenant retention for your commercial property. Exterior resurfacing can utilize whatever window film product you’d like and requires a short installation time when compared to full window replacement and renovations. Experienced minimized operational downtime while giving your property the facelift it needs.

Work with Breckenridge’s Number One Window Film Contractor

Denver Commercial Window Tinting is honored to be the number one window film contractor in the Breckenridge area. With the largest selection of window film in the area, we guarantee that we’ll have the right option for you. Exterior resurfacing services are available for most commercial properties– we’re happy to provide free, on-site consultations to learn more about your project’s needs. Work with our window film experts to gain the functionality you need.

For more information regarding window film for your Breckenridge commercial property, please contact us!

Reasons To Install Window Film Safety Distraction Markers in Denver Offices

August 28, 2019 in Aggregate, Safety And Security

If you have never heard of safety distraction markers, you are not alone. While most people have not heard of them–they are all around us every day. Safety distraction markers are the designs you see on clear glass, usually about chest height, that are applied for the sake of keeping people from walking into clear glass features. This could be glass doors, walls, windows or dividers. They come in the form of window films that are professionally installed. If you own or rent an office here in Denver with clear glass features, you should be especially interested in this technology for several reasons.

Three Reasons To Have Safety Distraction Markers Installed on Your Denver Glass

  1. Distraction Marker Films For Safety: First and foremost, purchasing window film safety distraction markers should be about safety. Many Denver offices come to us after they have had a scare or an accident with their glass already. The more proactive you are, the more likely you are to avoid and accident and even the potential litigation that could ensue. Furthermore, an investment in window film to make people aware of potential glass hazards protects you, your staff and your valued customers too.
  2. Distraction Marker Films For Branding: While distraction markers work wonderfully to keep your Denver office safer, there is–quite literally–more than meets the eye to these films. You see, distraction marker films allow you the same branding benefits as traditional decorative window film.
    It is customizable
    It is easily changed or removed
    It allows your brand, website and/or phone number to be easily displayed
    It helps your Denver business to stand out
  3. Distraction Marker Films For Decoration: Not just practical but beautiful as well, distraction markers for your Denver office can really pack an aesthetic punch. They take a plain, clear glass and turn it into something amazing. You can use it as a compliment to your existing decor, or, as a focal point to design your entire Denver office around.

To learn more about how we here at Denver Commercial Window Tinting can customize a distraction maker film for your Denver office, reach out to us today for a consultation and pricing!

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