Why Huper Optik Window Film Is the Right Solution for Denver Hotels

March 22, 2019 in Aggregate, Commercial Window Tinting

Huper Optik Window Film For Hotels In Denver

Denver is in a boom, and the hotel industry is flourishing.  But, unprecedented growth and travel to Denver don’t guarantee that hotels are seeing the highest attainable profit margins.  Competition is fierce in the Denver hotel landscape–not only must your guest services be top notch, but your expenditures and improvements must be superb as well.  In the radiant, sunshiny days that Denver’s renowned for, a product like Huper Optik Window Film offers vast improvement to the bottom line for hotel owners and managers in this city.  

Huper Optik Window Film Saves Hotels Money

Huper Optik’s advanced window film technology substantially reduces glaring summer heat gain on the vast glass surfaces across your hotel, helping to maintain a cooler interior while cutting the need for heavy air conditioning consumption (and the heavy bills that go with it).  In the fall and winter, window film keeps heat generated within trapped inside. This means outsized utility savings for your operation year round as well as less stress on and repairs for HVAC systems which can be inordinately costly to repair and maintain.  

Huper Optik Window Film Makes Hotels More Comfortable

The Therm-X technology in Huper Optik Window Film not only appreciably lowers energy consumption and HVAC systems stress, it ensures that every hallway, gathering space, public space, and guest rooms are more evenly and uniformly maintained at the desired temperatures.  Fewer fluctuations mean guest more at ease– fewer complaints and more comfortable guests more likely to return or recommend your hotel.

Huper Optik Window Film Reduces Glare

Hüper Optik Therm-X Films employs a high-tech blend of metallic alloys to produce the best performing window films in class to eliminate glare without in any way interfering with your mountain panorama!

Huper Optik window films provide a vast array of potential solutions and systems custom fitted for you Denver hotel.  Please contact us at Window Film Denver to set up a free, on-site consultation today!


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How to Compare Security Window Films for Your Denver Business

February 18, 2019 in Safety And Security

The windows in your office allow you to enjoy the beautiful views of the city and the mountains in the distance, and are also an important source of light. But the downside is that windows pose a higher safety risk to your business and employees.

Security window films provide Denver business owners like yourself with a way to protect people and property by making windows more secure. Not only can they protect your business from attempted acts of vandalism and theft, but they can also people in your building safe from being injured, cut, or wounded by broken glass.

When choosing between different security window films, there are a few factors that Denver business owners should take into consideration. With just a little bit of research and effort, you can make sure that your company dollars are well invested.

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The Power Of Commercial Window Film To Save Your Denver Business Money

February 13, 2019 in Aggregate, Commercial Window Film

Commercial Window Films That Save Denver Businesses Money

If you own a business or commercial space you understand just how challenging and expensive it can be. So, as a Denver business/property owner, you are likely always searching for any type of technology that saves you money–day to day and especially year after year.  Commercial window film is definitely this type of commercial improvement that makes sense and is especially great at saving money. Not only does it have a proven track record of saving commercial owners and renters money but it also is exceptional at making commercial spaces in Denver more functional too.  It works through a variety of mechanisms to achieve money and time-saving goals. Read on to learn just how amazing the money-saving benefits of commercial window film are and about the other benefits you will get from having film applied.

Commercial Window Films In Denver For Sun Protection

The sun in Denver is intense but no one here will argue it is not great for enjoying all the outdoor activities Denver has to offer outdoor areas and parks like City Park or Washington Park.   But when it comes to life indoors, especially working environments, UV rays are downright caustic and have a lot of negative, costly consequences for businesses. Things like fading of furnishings, melting or heating of inventory and loss of productivity from workers all stem from the unchecked UV rays from hot Denver sun.  Commercial window film is the key to combating this as it reduces or eliminates many of these negative side effects and saves you money to boot.

Commercial Window Film In Denver For Crime Protection

While Denver is a very safe city, it is, by no means, free of crime.  Commercial spaces are often the victims of crimes like smash and grabs and/or graffiti.  Window and surface films are one of the most powerful ways to protect your business from losses associated with these type of crimes.  They keep would-be-thieves out and greatly decrease the cost of something like a graffiti attack on your business’s elevators, bathrooms, mirrors or windows.  

Commercial Window Film In Denver For Energy Savings

Probably the biggest savings from commercial window film, especially here in Denver, is energy savings. Whether in the heat of summer or cold of winter, commercial energy-efficient window films does a fantastic job of conserving energy and putting more money back in your pocket.  Depending on the film energy efficient window film will save your Denver business things like heating and cooling bills, lighting bills, tenant loss and more. Plus they look absolutely stunning and modern!

For more information on commercial window film here in Denver, or anywhere along the Front Range area, contact Denver Commercial Window Tinting for commercial window film pricing and a free evaluation or installation bid today!

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