Custom Logos, Decals & Designs for Denver Offices: Entries, Conference Rooms, and Glass Walls

July 9, 2018 in Privacy And Decorative

Creating a positive impression on your clients is important. In order to create the right impression, you have to maintain appearances and keep your office looking professional. With decorative window film, you can modernize the look of your office space and add custom logos, decals, and designs to your Denver property. It’s an affordable way to decorate and also one that’s easy to maintain and use.

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Can Window Film Save Money on Actual Energy Bills in Denver?

July 3, 2018 in Aggregate, Energy Efficient Window Tint

Denver Commercial Window Tinting specializes in energy efficiency projects designed to help homeowners and business owners save drastically on high energy costs. With thousands of happy customers in the Denver area alone, we stand by the effectiveness of window film. Many customers seriously contemplate investing in window film but are concerned if the investment will actually pay off. Don’t worry– energy efficient window film is an excellent ROI and always pays off.

Benefits of Energy Efficient Window Film for Denver Homes and Businesses

A lot of people get caught up with numbers, needing to know specifics on exactly how much they will be able to save on energy costs. After energy efficient window film is installed, on average, Denver homeowners and business owners tend to experience 10%-15% energy savings during winter months and around 30% energy savings during summer months. There are a lot of variables that go into this figure as well– the product installed, the property itself, HVAC consumption trends, etc. We’re happy to provide a more accurate estimate in regards to energy savings, we just need to obtain more information from you. Energy efficient window film also delivers UV blocking and glare reduction benefits, providing great fade protection and better comfort within your Denver home or business. This great ROI tends to pay for itself in just a few years.

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Installation Process for Energy Efficient Window Film for Your Denver Home or Business

Denver Commercial Window Tinting guarantees stress-free, timely installation processes that eliminate unnecessary downtime so that your home or business won’t be negatively affected. We utilize the highest standards in installation, incorporating premium glass strengthening agents. We use C-Bond for every energy efficient window film project to optimize installation and cure times.

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Benefits of Metal Shield for Elevators in Denver Properties

June 8, 2018 in Aggregate, Commercial Window Film

Denver property owners understand the high costs and fees tied to having an operational elevator on your property. These costs only heighten when vandalism occurs, resulting in out-of-budget repairs and recommissioning fees. Not only does repairing vandalism cost a lot of money, it also inconveniences building occupants and visitors with an out-of-order elevator unable to accommodate them. Metal Shield, an innovative surface film created by Graffiti Shield, presents a solution that can help Denver property owners save thousands.

Benefits of Metal Shield Anti-Graffiti Film for Your Denver Property Elevator

Metal Shield is a durable, thick sacrificial layer that works by imitating your elevator’s original surface. With multiple finishes to choose from, Metal Shield ensures a perfect match to your existing elevator. This surface film is applied directly to vandalism prone areas in order to conceal any existing damage while preventing further damage from vandals. If vandals choose to strike again, all the damage will impact the Metal Shield film solely and can be quickly removed and replaced by professionals. This solution allows Denver property owners the ability to present a clean, professional look for their property around-the-clock while saving dramatically in repair and recommissioning fees.

Installation Process for Metal Shield Anti-Graffiti Film for Denver Property Elevators

Denver Commercial Window Tinting utilizes premium commercial-grade adhesives that ensure your Metal Shield anti-graffiti film is tamperproof to the general public. We guarantee worry-free, timely installation processes so that your commercial property won’t have to suffer from undesired downtime. We’re always a call away to schedule follow-up removal and replacement appointments if your film is damaged by further vandalism. We carry the full Graffiti Shield line in order to provide you the protection you require for commercial property.

For more information regarding Metal Shield for your Denver commercial property elevator, please contact us or call: (720) 287-6939

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