How To Protect Elevators in Denver Hotels from Damage with Anti Graffiti Window Film

November 7, 2018 in Anti-Graffiti, Commercial Window Film, Safety And Security, Window Tint Benefits

Graffiti is something which majority of the Denver hotels seem to face, regardless of the location or size of their building. Even though the cause behind it could not accurately be determined, there would be no denying the fact that it poses a big problem for hotel management. Graffiti is costly, difficult to remove, and hurts a hotel’s reputation. That’s why Denver hotels should seriously consider installing anti-graffiti window film.

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Protect Your Denver Restaurant from Unwanted Glare with Window Film

November 6, 2018 in Aggregate, Window Tint Benefits

With one of the largest, developing restaurant scenes in the nation, Denver truly has a unique culinary scene. Diners are very lucky to experience such diversity when it comes to food and drink. Restaurants owners definitely experience the struggle with so much competition, forcing them to prioritize other components of the dining experience. In addition to customer service, cuisine, and drinks, restaurants have to ensure comfort and great atmosphere for a fulfilling guest experience. Anti-glare window film delivers another level of comfort in addition to other great benefits any Denver restaurant can appreciate.

Benefits of Anti-Glare Window Film for Your Denver Restaurant

Anti-glare window film provides an excellent solution for glare. Window coverings can be highly undesirable for the aesthetics of a restaurant, requiring repositioning throughout the day and sacrificing natural light. Anti-glare window film eliminates headaches, eye fatigue, and squinting which are all symptoms of glare. Glare can bounce off laminated menus making it uncomfortable for patrons. Glare can be a severe nuisance for your restaurant employees as well– by affecting POS system usage as well as any screen viewing activity, productivity and comfort can actually be lowered by excessive glare. By installing anti-glare window film, your Denver restaurant will experience better comfort in addition to the added benefits of UV resistance and energy efficiency.

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Installation Process for Anti-Glare Window Film in Denver Restaurants

Denver Commercial Window Tinting is proud to be the preferred commercial window tinting contractor serving restaurants throughout the Denver area. We have the largest collection of anti-glare window films, ensuring you’ll find the perfect investment that optimizes comfort for your guests. We always deliver timely, worry-free installations so that your business won’t have to suffer from any operational downtime.

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Film To Help Keep Denver Elevators Graffiti-Free

November 1, 2018 in Aggregate, Anti-Graffiti

Denver Is A Top Tourist Destination

Especially in the past five years, Denver has been growing as a popular tourist destination. Many people visit for events like bachelorette parties, reunions, and weekend getaways to visit the Rocky Mountain National Park or try microbreweries and visit cannabis dispensaries. The Great American Beer Festival is also a big draw each year, quickly filling downtown Denver hotels in Ballpark and RiNo. People visit Denver to have fun but also want to stay at a safe and clean hotel.

Hotel Elevator Damage due to Graffiti Vandalization

Graffiti vandalization can lower clients’ impression of your hotel as a desirable place to stay and hurt chances of getting rebookings in the future. Elevators make an easy target for vandals to do their dirty work with no one else in the enclosed space to stop them until it is too late. Vandals may use permanent markers or worse: sharp tools to carve into the metal surfaces. Things like keys, drill bits, or even paint mixed with acid may eat into your hotel property, causing damage that needs to be dealt with.

Having to resurface or replace elevator surfaces can be a drain on resources. The Pacific Partners Consulting Group found that every dollar spent in deferred maintenance costs a business $4 in future capital renewal. In addition, closing off elevator access while repairs are being made disservices clients, especially during busy times of the year when there are festivals or conferences happening in town.

Denver Hotels Can Prevent Vandalization with Denver Commercial Window Tinting

Anti-graffiti window film is not just for windows, as the name might imply. Because it comes in a number of styles and finishes, anti-graffiti window film can be seamlessly integrated into elevator surfaces for a quick and cost-effective solution to elevator damage. Anti-graffiti film can mimic the appearance of metallic surfaces like stainless steel or brushed aluminum and can be custom-designed to colors that match your hotel aesthetic. Clear anti-graffiti window film can be used for glass elevator surfaces as well. A specialized hard coat comes on Metal Shield films, which are 6mm thick and can resist most damage from paint or acid.

Hotel owners can rest easy knowing their elevators are protected against graffiti vandalization. These films can be applied before or after damage occurs, to prevent future damage as well as hide existing damage. Anti-graffiti window film also helps older hotel or motel elevators reduce any signs of wear and tear by covering up scratches or dents from luggage carts, stains from food or beverage spills, and any rust or corrosion in the metal surfaces. Contact Denver Commercial Window Tinting to see how your hotel can benefit from anti-graffiti window film today!

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