Bomb-Blast Window Film Applications and Benefits for Denver Properties

May 4, 2018 in Aggregate, Safety And Security

Bomb-blast window film provides high impact resistance in order to defend your Denver commercial property from numerous, different threats. Our ever-growing city has invited in higher rates or property crime and violent crime, making Denver no stranger to larger city crime issues. Bomb-blast film delivers a cost-effective solution for many unknown threats even when you’re not present on your property.

Benefits of Bomb-Blast Window Film for Your Denver Commercial Property

Bomb-blast film is a specialty security film designed to withstand the highest impact events, including explosions. Bomb-blast film has become a requirement in many public buildings including arenas, stadiums, schools, secured buildings, government buildings, and much more. This security film is engineered to hold broken glass fragments together during the event of natural disasters, high wind speeds, break-ins, burglaries, freak accidents, and more. This security film can save potential lives of building occupants in addition to mitigating broken glass and flying debris hazards which are often the leading cause of considerable injury. As glass fragments stay together, it makes cleanup much easier after any event, minimizing operational downtimes and relieving stress from an already high-stress situation. Bomb-blast film can even be strategically installed in the most vulnerable areas of your Denver property for optimal effectiveness and money savings.

Installing Bomb-Blast Window Film on Your Denver Property

Bomb-blast film installation begins with a security consultation completed by our security team. Our security team is comprised of civil engineers and security experts who can evaluate the most vulnerable areas of your Denver building in addition to providing cost-benefit analysis, and determination of film effectiveness. We take safety and security very seriously, providing your property with our security expertise, recommendations on attachment systems, and much more.

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Benefits of Custom Design Decorative Window Film for Your Denver Business

May 1, 2018 in Privacy And Decorative

Standing out in the business world is crucial. Think about it this way: your customers probably have several different options to choose from, businesses that provide the same service as yours. You need to give them a reason to choose yours, and that’s a hard task to accomplish. But it can be done.

Blow your customers away, make an outstanding impression, and increase your brand awareness with custom design decorative window film. Custom designed decorative window film for your Denver office or business is great way to improve the aesthetic appearance of your building. It’s affordable, removable, and it can be a really effective way to market your business.

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5 Ways Your Denver High Rise Can Benefit from Vista Window Film

April 23, 2018 in Aggregate, Commercial Window Film

Vista Window Film Increases Commercial Profitability In Denver

Commercial buildings like highrises, office buildings hotels and others are complicated to run and manage in general and here in Denver is no exception. As real estate prices climb here, the stakes are getting higher than ever and not high rise can afford to fall behind. If not run and managed with care, commercial properties here in the Mile High City they will end up causing commercial investments to fail and investors to lose money as a result. High rises are especially challenging because of their size and specialized needs. The good news is, there are things high rise buildings can do to better their chances of success, make more profit and minimize risk to investors. Things like–have window film installed. It is one of the most effective and affordable solutions to commercial profitability. Window tinting offers a quick ROI and most importantly, has long reaching benefits for those commercial property owners who buy into this powerful technology

Benefits Of Window Film For High Rises In Denver

Here is Denver, commercial property owners need to capitalize on their investment or risk losing it. Happily, all of the benefits of window film listed below, ultimately lead to more money from commercial investments.

Vista Window Film Saves Energy: SInce over 80% energy loss comes from windows either through leaching air or solar heat gain. Window film adds additional insulation and lowers utility bills by up to 20%. When speaking in terms of a large building complex–that could add up to tens of thousands of dollars per year

Vista Window Film Adds Security: WIndow film is your high rise’s first line of defense against would-be vandals and thieves. It also provides protection from graffiti with films that act as sacrificial layers on the various surfaces of your building like elevators, windows, and walls. Anti-graffiti window film protects you from having to replace your windows if/when tagged. Also, security film requires multiple blows to fully penetrate, almost eliminating the possibility of smash and grabs.

Vista Window Film Adds Style: Window film is a cost-effective alternative to full window replacement Not only does film work to conserve energy but it looks sharp too! This is helpful for commercial properties looking to modernize a highrise’s appearance and attract new, higher-end clients.

Vista Window Film Gives 99.9% UV Protection: Glare in high rises is very hard to combat especially in southern facing windows. It can be crippling for your tenants to business in their offices and could even cause you to lose them as renters. WIndow film, on the other hand, keeps your tenants happy and glare-free

Vista Window Film Keeps Tenants Longer: Part of a successful high rise investment property is keeping vacancy as low as possible Window film makes the workplace more comfortable and is proven to make employees more productive. This also means higher-end clients will be more likely to rent from you.

Watch the testimonial below for more on the benefits of window tinting:

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