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Window Film Applications for Denver Schools & Universities

Denver schools and universities have a multitude of different window film applications that can offer high savings, improved productivity, and premium security benefits. Schools and universities across the Denver area can heighten student and teacher comfort allowing them to focus on what’s important with these affordable solutions.

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Benefits of Window Film for Denver Schools & Universities:

Safety and Security: Security window film delivers extensive protection for Denver schools and universities. This innovative film offers a budget-conscious safety solution that can defend your students and teachers from numerous threats including gunfire, explosions, burglaries, break-ins, freak accidents, and more.

Daylight Redirecting: With the ability to redirect natural sunlight as deep as 40 feet into your school, daylight redirecting film has been proven to improve productivity, decrease absentee rates, optimize student testing, and lower lighting costs.

Privacy: Exterior privacy tinting offers the needed seclusion that Denver schools need. Assailants and burglars won’t be able to look into your campus but views from the inside out will remain optically clear.

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Glare Reduction: Glare can definitely be a nuisance for both students and teachers in Denver schools. Perfect for libraries, computer labs, and classrooms, glare reduction window film eliminates the headaches, squinting, and eye fatigue caused by glare. Improve comfort and productivity with glare reduction window film.

Energy Efficiency: Energy efficient window film promotes great savings that are highly sought after by Denver schools. Improve comfort, eliminate hot/cold spots, and save considerably all year-round with solar rejection window film.

Anti-Graffiti: Denver schools can definitely be more prone to vandalism and property crime, just like any other school around the country. Anti-graffiti surface film can protect various surfaces from further damage while presenting the best image for building occupants and guests.

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