For the past several years, Denver Commercial Window Tinting has been helping Denver businesses transform their building into a more energy efficient, secure, and comfortable space. We supply and install a variety of commercial window films for government buildings, hospitals, schools, offices, retail businesses, and more. Businesses in Denver know that they can always count on us when they need a reliable general contractor for professional window film installation services.

Our Installation Process

We’ve been involved in the commercial window tinting industry for several years now. That means that we’ve gained both the knowledge and experience necessary to perfect our methods for installing window film. Our installation process usually follows the steps below:

Step 1: Before installing your new window film, we like to conduct an onsite consultation. This gives us the ability to gain a better understanding of your building and discuss the outcome you hope to achieve with your renovation. During this time, we will also schedule an appointment to install your window film at a time and date that is convenient for you. Denver Commercial Window Tinting is happy to offer appointments during off hours to accommodate your schedule.

Step 2: Sometime prior to your appointment, we precut all of the film with a plotter. This helps to speed up the installation process and eliminate unnecessary product waste. After we arrive, we thoroughly clean all of the windows to ensure proper installation. Then, we prime the glass using C-Bond and apply the film.

Step 3: Last, we make our final adjustments to the windows. We squeegee out the C-Bond adhesive and clean up the glass edges.* Next, we inspect both the glass and the film to make sure that no defects are present. Then, we wait for about 24-72 hours to make sure the adhesive sets properly and ensure the project is completed in full.**

**Please note, for projects that do not use C-Bond, it may take up to a total of four weeks for the film to achieve full clarity and adhesion. In certain cases that involve dark and shady areas or interior rooms that don’t receive a lot of sunlight, there can be problems with the adhesion when C-Bond is not used for the installation.
*This step does not apply to projects in which C-Bond primer is not used.

Why We Use C-Bond

At Denver Commercial Window Tinting, we’re committed to providing the best client experience possible. That’s why we use C-Bond as a primer on nearly every window film project. C-Bond is a superior method for preparing glass for window film application because it enhances the molecular structure of the glass itself. C-Bond is so effective that it has the ability to:

  • Provide for a 100% increase in glass strength
  • Reduce risk of shattering from temperature changes
  • Defend against hail, flying rocks, and golf balls
  • Reduce the drying time for window film products
  • Increase glass clarity during the installation period

Certified C-Bond Dealer

Scottish Window Tinting is the only certified C-Bond Dealer in the State of Colorado.

More Information About C-Bond Systems

Recent case studies show that C-Bond Systems have a direct impact on the strength of glass. C-Bond products work to protect glass against impact and reduce chances of shattering. That’s why we use C-Bond I on nearly every general window film installation. We also offer C-Bond II for clients who are interesting in achieving a high level of security of their building. C-Bond II uses a complex system of multiple layers of window film and adhesive to create a strong defense barrier. For more information about C-Bond II.

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