When we talk about commercial window tinting, Denver residents frequently confuse our products with the window tinting that they have on their cars and trucks and SUVs. But we are talking about different products with different purposes and applications.

The main purpose of the window tinting in your vehicle is to cut glare. This is important here in Colorado because of both the high elevation and the omnipresent sunshine. But with our line of commercial window tinting, Denver businesses can get much more benefits than just cutting glare. (Although we do indeed sell glare reduction commercial window film.)

By the way, we are using the terms window film and window tinting interchangeably for the purposes of this article.

With commercial window tinting, Denver customers receive a high performance product that can:

1. Save them money on heating and cooling costs. With this type of commercial window tinting, Denver businesses also lower their carbon footprint and make employees and customers more comfortable while using less heating and less air conditioning.

Denver Commercial Window Tinting school-window

2. Protect their premises. Many Denver businesses already have a security or alarm system installed into their shops, offices, factories, warehouses, and other commercial spaces. With our loss protection or security commercial window tinting, Denver business owners can prevent break ins through the windows, prevent smash and grabs, and sleep easier at night knowing their premises are better protected.

3. Rid themselves of graffiti quickly. With anti-graffiti commercial window tinting, Denver shopkeepers and other business owners only need remove the tint after a graffiti attack, taking the tags right along with it. Then the window is again clean and graffiti free, ready for a fresh film to be installed.

4. Add a fresh new style, a dose of color, or some privacy. With our decorative and privacy commercial window tinting, Denver businesses can get a whole new look by adding a pop of color or pattern or texture to any glass surface, window, door, or wall. The privacy films can look like mirrored glass from the outside, or like etched or frosted glass. Take a space’s décor to a whole different level with decorative glass, or at least the look of it.

As you can see, there is a window film for almost any different business need. When you work with Denver Commercial Window Tinting, we can advise you of the best possible window tinting products for your specific purposes. We are proud to work with the top window tinting suppliers in the industry, Llumar, Enerlogic, Vista, and 3M. For more information or for a quote on any window tinting job, large or small, please contact us today.