Do you run a Denver area school? If so, we don’t have to tell you about how much of your overhead and how much of your energy bills go to pay for heating. And if you are the type of school, such as a community college or university that also runs classes all summer long, then we don’t have to tell you about the high cost of heating, either.

Whether you run a small private school or the state’s biggest university, we bet you would love to find a practical solution that would cut those energy costs and leave you some money in your budget for other things. With energy efficiency school window film, Denver schools and institutions of higher education can get that cost break in a practical and efficient way.

One that won’t break the budget to install. One that will pay for itself via energy savings in a few years. And one that will keep on saving you money year after year, decade after decade.

With school window film, Denver schools save on both heating and cooling costs. Let’s talk about some of the advantages of this product and exactly how it works. The commercial window films we offer are the highest quality. They are installed once, to the interior of your windows, and they work passively as soon as installed. Nothing to fiddle with, adjust, or “get working.”


In the winter, you will receive great cost cutting benefits if your school has large windows or a lot of windows. Because the window film will block the heat your furnace is generating from escaping through the windows. It forms a barrier that keeps the heat where it belongs: in your buildings. This allows the building to stay warmer and your students and faculty to stay more comfortable with less output from the furnace.

And we all know that people who are too hot or too cold are more distracted and have a harder time concentrating, so keeping them more comfortable for less is a win-win for everyone concerned.

What happens in the hotter summer months? Again, with school window film, Denver educational facilities get quite the break. The film will block heat gain from the sun, which is one of the main factors in heating up a building. This will, in turn, allow your facility to stay cooler and more comfortable with less output from your hard working air conditioning system.

Just how much money could your school save on heating and cooling costs with school window film, Denver administrators? We cannot tell you that for sure, but savings of fifty to sixty percent have been reported. We’d be delighted to discuss it further with you and give you a quote for the job. Why not give us a call today?