School window film is a product that can help a school with lowering its carbon footprint and saving money on heating and cooling bills. With high-performance school window film, Denver area schools can keep students and staff more comfortable and save money at the same time.

This product pays for itself in a few years’ time with the savings on heating and cooling costs, but once the cost is paid off, the film keeps on saving money for the school year after year. And since energy bills keep on rising, this makes good financial sense.

Many schools are interested in keeping costs down and making their limited budgets go as far as they can possibly go. With energy efficiency school window film, significant energy savings can be achieved. Here is how this product works:

1. In winter, obviously heat is required to keep the students and staff warm enough. But that heat is expensive, and a furnace has to work even harder to keep the premises at temperature if the heat is escaping through the glass to the outside. With energy saving school window film, that heat loss is blocked. The rooms stay warmer with less output by the furnace. Even the kids sitting near the windows can stay warm.

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2. In summer, many schools need air conditioning to keep the classrooms cool enough for students to concentrate. After all, Denver does get pretty hot. And a significant portion of that heat is what’s known as heat gain from the sun. Meaning, the sun beats down on the glass and that heat is transferred to the inside of the building. But with an energy saving school window film, a sizeable percentage of that heat gain is blocked. Less heat entering the premises means less heat for the air conditioning system to have to neutralize. With an energy efficiency school window film, Denver schools stay cooler and more comfortable throughout the warm months with much less energy outlay.

Some clients report as much as fifty percent savings on heating and cooling costs over a year’s time. For a building as large as a school, this can be quite a savings. And with school window film, Denver schools are also receiving the benefit of a UV block. UV rays cause fading of interior furnishings and they also cause skin damage over time.

For more information on the benefits of school window film, Denver or anywhere across the state of Colorado, please give us a call today. Or contact us using our online form. We can answer any questions you might have or offer a quote for a window film job.

Mike Kinsey is the Chief Operating Officer at Denver Commercial Window Tinting and has been installing window film for over a decade. His background includes years of experience in the construction industry as well as extensive project management. Mike oversees all day to day operations at the Denver branch, including onsite management of window film installations, sales, and customer relations. His knowledge of security, privacy/decorative, and energy efficient window film products is extensive, giving him the skill and aptitude to select the ideal film for any application. Mike's expertise is backed by certifications from 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education.