Colorado is, unfortunately, no stranger to school violence. Schools across the nation are always looking for security measures that are affordable, viable, and successful. One of the major downfalls in numerous school shootings and domestic attacks is how easily an assailant can gain access to school property and its occupants. While security systems can be effective, budget concerns and operation can all vary. Safety and security film provides all the advantages that Denver schools are looking for at an affordable price point.

Benefits of Safety and Security Film for Your Denver School

Safety and security film improves glass strength and flexibility making it substantially more difficult for an assailant to gain access to your school property. Specialty security films are also available– bomb blast and ballistic resistance offer comprehensive defense against explosions and gunfire. These can really mitigate broken glass and flying debris hazards that are the leading causes of considerable injury and blast-related deaths. Security film prolongs assailant access, providing additional time to students and teachers so they can evacuate or hide until the first responders are present. Safety and security film also provides defense against natural disasters, burglaries, freak accidents, and more. This passive security system delivers around-the-clock protection and never needs manual operation.

Installation Process for Safety and Security Film in Denver Schools

Denver Commercial Window Tinting is proud to have amazing security experts and civil engineers who offer complimentary in-school consultations throughout the Denver metro area. We can help determine your vulnerabilities, recommend tactical placement of specialty security films, and more. We always conduct the most discreet, fast installation processes so that your school can experience premium security immediately. We have great multi-purpose security films that can help your school save simultaneously.

For more information regarding safety and security film for your Denver school, please contact us or call: (720) 287-6939