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Just by looking at the number of passengers that ride the RTD bus system and light rail on a daily basis as well as those number of travelers flying into DIA, it’s clear that Denver is a city that relies greatly on public transit. But with such high usage and constant tourist traffic, it’s no surprise that the city’s public transportation systems face some major challenges. That’s why window tinting makes sense for Denver mass transit systems. Here’s how window tinting can help transit systems save money, protect passengers, and more.

Window Tinting Gives Denver Mass Transit Systems a Major Upgrade

High crime rates, vandalism, and the soaring cost of energy and fossil fuels have presented significant challenges for mass transit systems in Denver. Trying to overcome these obstacles and generate the necessary funds to stay in business creates a major burden for transit companies. But that’s where window tinting can help. Window tinting can not only lower operational costs for transit systems, but it can also save money on maintenance and repairs.

There are a few different types of window film that transit systems can benefit from. But perhaps the most widely used one is anti graffiti film. Anti graffiti film is a thick, durable film that’s designed to cover up graffiti and protect the underlying surfaces from being damaged. It’s more great for both preventative use and repairs. And it’s much more affordable than replacing damaged items.

In addition to protecting physical structures, window tint can also help keep passengers safe too. Security window tint is a smart choice for areas like airports and bus stations. Recent events have reminded us how vulnerable people in these places can be when targeted by mass shooters or terrorists. Security window tint offers passengers and employees protection and gives transit owners peace of mind.

The other type of window tint that Denver transit systems should consider is energy saving tint. Energy saving window tint is an especially smart choice for airports because these buildings are often quite large in size and require a huge amount of electricity to operate. With energy saving tint, airports can become more energy efficient and comfortable for travelers.

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