Denver malls often have elaborate metal surfaces that can range from escalators to elevators, directories, signage, and much more. These metal surfaces are often found in these types of commercial properties due to overall durability and long-lasting material. Unfortunately, these surfaces can easily become scratched and damaged from high foot traffic, daily wear-and-tear, and forcible efforts. Mall owners often can’t simply repair these surfaces and require complete removal and replacement that can cost thousands. Metal restoration can help owners dramatically save by implementing these specialty films.

Benefits of Metal Restoration for Your Denver Mall

Metal restoration implements a specialty surface film that can completely conceal any existing damage. By concealing damage and restoring metal surfaces to their original state, your mall will convey the best, most pristine image around-the-clock. This surface film is durable enough to take all the impact of any further potential damage that may happen in the future. Available in a multitude of different finishes and colors, metal restoration is available for virtually any metal surface you may have. Metal restoration can even help you skip elevator recommissioning costs and really help with overall savings. With seamless installation, this invisible, sacrificial layer is tamperproof to the public but easy for a professional to remove and replace.

Installation Process for Metal Restoration in Denver Malls

Denver Commercial Window Tinting is proud to be the industry leader in metal restoration. We have the ability to custom print surface films and custom cut all films to individually tailored surfaces. Our team provides quick installation so that your mall won’t have to suffer from downtime and can always remove and replace damaged films in a timely fashion. We’re looking forward to helping you save money while presenting your best foot forward!

For more information regarding metal restoration for your Denver mall, please contact us or call: (720) 287-6939