As priorities seem to always change among consumers, it’s vital for Denver commercial property owners to stay current with trends in order to keep their properties always rented out. Environmentally conscious consumers are definitely becoming more and more common, especially in Denver. Obtaining LEED certification can be a difficult process but worth it in order to satisfy tenants. Exterior resurfacing is an excellent alternative to window replacement that can also help commercial properties become LEED certified.

Benefits of Exterior Resurfacing for Your Denver Commercial Property

Exterior resurfacing presents a budget-conscious alternative to low-E window replacement. By installing the appropriate energy efficient window film to your Denver commercial property, both functionality and aesthetics are drastically improved. Energy efficient window film promotes high solar rejection benefits in addition to great UV protection and glare reduction for great overall comfort. Exterior resurfacing utilizes window film to also conceal outdated and damaged windows for an improved curb appeal. We also provide spandrel painting for a more uniform look that modernizes the exterior of your commercial property. Energy efficient window film can help your property become LEED certified as well, attracting new potential tenants while leading to higher tenant retention. Exterior resurfacing provides the advantages your property needs for overall improvement.

Installation Process for Exterior Resurfacing in Denver Commercial Properties

Denver Commercial Window Tinting understands how unnecessary operational downtime can really impact your property and all the inconveniences it can cause. We always provide fast, stress-free installations to quickly renovate your building. We have the most extensive collection of energy efficient window films in order to provide you with the best investment for your Denver commercial property. Our team utilizes premium glass strengthening agents and commercial-grade adhesives for prolonged product life.

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