Graffiti.  It is a bane on all commercial locations here in Denver from the transit stations to commercial retails spots.  You see marks on everything from bathroom mirrors to elevator doors and worse than being ugly—graffiti is expensive to remove.  This is why Graffiti Shield makes a variety of sacrificial surfaces to cover over it that are cost-effective and easy to install.  From glass to mirrors, metal and more—this graffiti abatement film is making Denver a more beautiful place to live—and saving its citizens money too.

Types of Graffiti Abatement Films From Graffiti Shield

To match whichever surface on your Denver building is affected by vandalism, Graffiti Shield makes their film products in a number of matching finishes.

 Metal Shield: Elevator graffiti is one of the most common and expensive.  But not when you use a metal shield to cover over the damage. This can be done instead of sanding down or replacing the affected metal and is about 1/10th the cost.

Mirror Shield: Once a mirror is marked or scratched with graffiti it is never the same again.  The damage cannot be sanded out, so the entire mirror must be replaced. With graffiti shield Mirror Shield film, the surface is simply covered over with a mirrored film that completely covers the damage and costs less than replacing the entire fixture.

Glass Shield: Glass windows are a primary target of vandals and replacing entire panes of glass is expensive.  Sanding off the damage usually leaves marks. Applying Glass Shield to your windows today prevents future damage and the high costs associated with fixing them. When graffiti occurs, you simply have the film peeled off and replaced for a fraction of the cost of glass replacement.

Custom Shield: Some flat surfaces are unique and need special solutions to cover graffiti. If you have a flat surface that needs a shield product unique to your situation Shield offers custom film solutions that may match your needs.

For more information on any of these Graffiti Shield products or to learn more about our selection of films, contact Denver Commercial Window Tinting today!