In Denver, commercial window film is becoming more and more popular. Its uses are many and it can solve a wide variety of issues for a business owner.

Energy Saving Commercial Window Films

With the climate in Denver, commercial window film of the energy-saving variety is probably our biggest seller. Have you heard of this product? It forms a molecular bond to the glass in your existing windows, which blocks a certain percentage of heat gain from the sun in Denver’s blazing hot summers. And it blocks heat from escaping right through the glass throughout the bitter Denver winters.

For Denver, commercial window film is definitely an idea whose time has come. Many of our energy-efficiency window film customers have excitedly told us that they are saving as much as fifty to sixty percent on heating and cooling costs, year round.

Denver Commercial Window Tinting Parallax4

Security/Loss Prevention Commercial Window Films

But our line of Denver commercial window film products have many other benefits. Perhaps saving money on utility bills is not your main concern. Perhaps your business needs a security upgrade of some sort. You already have locks on all windows and doors, and perhaps even an alarm system, but how easy would it be for a burglar to smash a window and grab something from your office, store, or other business? Too easy! But with the installation of security or loss prevention window film, that becomes an impossibility. For businesses in downtown Denver, commercial window film of the security variety can be a real boon to an owner’s peace of mind. Never again worry about coming to work and finding your plate glass window shattered all over the ground and your valuable inventory stolen.

Decorative Commercial Window Films

Maybe your commercial space is secure enough, but it’s on the dull side, appearance-wise. If major decorating is not in this year’s budget, how about some budget-friendly decorative commercial window film? This product comes in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and styles, and is easily installed to any glass surface, be it an interior or exterior window, door, or even a glass partition or wall. Add a jolt of color and style that will amp up the entire appearance of your space in the time it takes to install it. Which is very little time at all! Click here to see some of the decorative films we offer as part of our Denver commercial window film line, and be sure to scroll down the page for the virtual window film designer.

If you are anywhere in or around Denver, commercial window film might be something you are looking for. If you’d like more information or an appointment to see our line of products, please give us a call today.