Denver Commercial Window Tinting is hoping to solve a problem for your office, restaurant, store, or any other commercial business or space. It’s the problem of glare. Perhaps you haven’t considered how much productivity is lost and how much frustration is picked up by glare from the sun through your windows.

If not, let’s lay it out. Particularly these days when so many people are working on computers, laptops, tablets, and constantly checking phones, glare is an ongoing annoyance. Swiveling chairs and monitors, jumping up to pull down shades, rearranging furniture, these are just some of the things people try to rid themselves of the glare that stops them from seeing what they need to see.

Let’s not even discuss the eyestrain, headaches, or squint lines that glare is causing!

But there is a simple, affordable solution to the problem of glare and the lost productivity and annoyance it produces. Denver Commercial Window Tinting offers anti-glare, or glare reduction window films for any commercial space in Denver. This high-performance product is quickly installed and then, forgotten about. It needs no maintenance. It won’t have to be replaced in a few years, or upgraded to a newer version. And the glare problems will be gone. Your staff and customers alike will be able to see what they need to see without strain. Don’t be surprised if everyone in your offices breathes a collective sigh of relief, because we have found no one realizes just what a problem glare is until it’s relieved.


Depending on the product you choose, you can also block the sun’s damaging UV rays, and perhaps even heat gain from the sun as well, saving you money on air conditioning costs. In Denver, commercial window tinting is an idea that’s time has definitely come. More and more hotels, restaurants, office buildings, municipal buildings, malls, shops, and other commercial spaces are turning to window film to solve a wide variety of issues, of which glare is only one.

Along with blocking glare and saving your employees’ eyesight (and patience), we offer a full line of window films that can:

  • Save you money on energy bills.
  • Offer more privacy.
  • Protect your business from theft.
  • Add style, interest, and sophistication to any glass surface.
  • Protect your front windows from graffiti.

So when it comes to doing business in Denver, commercial window tinting films are quite versatile and can offer benefits on various fronts. Whether you are looking to cut glare, stop fading, block heat gain, or any other purpose, Denver Commercial Window Tinting has the right product for you. Why not give us a call today to get more information or receive a quote?

Mike Kinsey is the Chief Operating Officer at Denver Commercial Window Tinting and has been installing window film for over a decade. His background includes years of experience in the construction industry as well as extensive project management. Mike oversees all day to day operations at the Denver branch, including onsite management of window film installations, sales, and customer relations. His knowledge of security, privacy/decorative, and energy efficient window film products is extensive, giving him the skill and aptitude to select the ideal film for any application. Mike's expertise is backed by certifications from 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education.