For businesses in Denver, commercial window film can provide a wide array of benefits. Here at Denver Commercial Window Tinting, we offer a full line of top-performance window films from the top firms in the industry, Llumar, Vista, and EnerLogic.

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits a business can receive from the installation of commercial window film in Denver.

1. Energy savings: with our line of high-tech energy saving window films, businesses can help lower the high cost of heating and cooling, amounting to substantial savings over the course of a year. In Denver, commercial window film of this type is our number one seller. The product is applied to the insides of your existing windows. It blocks both heat gain from the sun during the hot Denver summers and heat loss through the glass during the cold Denver winters. This keeps your premises more comfortable year round with less energy expended by your heating or air conditioning systems.

2. Security: this is an increasing concern for many business owners. This product will prevent a thief or vandal from entering your premises via your windows. It will hold the glass in the frame even if someone attempts to smash through, eliminating the danger of flying glass and the messy clean up as well. In Denver, commercial window film of this type can add a whole other layer of security to an existing system.

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3. Privacy: if you have a storefront business with a big plate glass window, or office space in a modern high rise with glass doors and walls, you might need more privacy for clients, customers, or your own staff. For businesses in Denver, commercial window film of this type is a simple and affordable way to add the privacy they need. It is available in different styles, and can even be decorative in nature.

4. Decorative: for many businesses, redecorating is just not in the budget. But with decorative window film, an instant style upgrade can be achieved on any glass door, window, or wall. Available in colors, patterns, and finishes that look like etched glass, decorative window films can also be used for advertising purposes. They can be customized with a message, a business’s name or logo, etc. This allows storefront businesses to turn their front windows into a great marketing and advertising tool.

We also carry anti-graffiti window film, bomb blast window film, glare reduction window film, and other specialty window film products. For more information about our full line of window film products and how they might benefit your business, please contact Denver Commercial Window Tinting today.