Graffiti Shield: The all too common sight of graffiti on your commercial buildings

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Grafitti Protection For Your Denver Commercial Property

Graffiti is an all too common site these days and with Denver’s rising population, seems to be getting worse. The problem with unsightly graffiti is twofold. For one, it is unsightly and damages a building’s reputation in the community–driving away potential high-value tenants and customers for your existing tenants. The bigger problem is the expense of graffiti removal that is passed on to you, the commercial property owner. That’s right, the detrimental effects of graffiti gouge your wallet and cut deeply into profit margins. Since, it is incredibly expensive to remove, oftentimes requiring the entire area to be removed or reconstructed, graffiti can end up putting investors in the hole, in regards to profitability. Worse even still, once the area is replaced, the area is no safer and vandals often strike again. But not with the Graffiti Sheild products offered by Denver Commercial Window Tinting. Our products protect the areas affected by graffiti and act as a sacrificial layer. Should vandals strike, our film stops deep damage and can be replaced at a significantly lower cost than the area on which sit. Best of all, our Grafitti shield covers virtually all exposed areas of a commercial property from glass to metals and mirrors.

Glass Shield: An ounce of prevention goes a long way when it comes to the glass on your commercial property. You will save thousands of dollars in replacement costs, with this durable glass film on your vulnerable glass areas with this invisible, sacrificial coating. It is proven to protect exposed windows from paint, scratch and even acid graffiti.

Metal Shield: Damage to metal can be extremely hard to repair. In order to fix graffiti on metal, not only does the area needs to be removed, it must be matched perfectly to the surrounding areas, resulting in huge repair/replacement cost. Our Metal Shield anti-Graffiti film, applied to the metal surface before they are marked, will save you the time, money and hassle of graffiti by keeping the underlying metal safe from harm in the first place. It is available in numerous finishes like Stainless Steel and Brushed Aluminum.

Mirror Shield: The fact is, mirrors are becoming increasingly popular targets for vandals as they look for new areas to deface. Once a mirror is vandalized it will never be the same and must be completely replaced. However, the installation of Mirror Shield can prevent the permanent effects of graffiti on mirrors and can is easily removed and replaced at a much lower cost.

Custom Shield: Unfortunately vandals are good at finding new areas to deface, whenever the opportunity presents itself. Don’t let any surface of your building that has value to would-be defacers go unprotected. If you have a vulnerable area, get it covered with a custom shield now, to avoid damage in the future. A custom shield will solve a variety of individual problems, still at a fraction of the cost of full replacement.

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