Denver Commercial Window Tinting is your best source for any of the types of window films you might want in your office. Now, you might never have considered office window tinting at all. You might not even know what it does.

For business owners in Denver, office window tinting can solve a wide variety of issues. This product is also known as window film and we’d like to discuss the various types, so you can see their benefits and know if one of them is the best choice for your office space.

Types of Denver Office Window Tinting

1. Energy efficiency: Have you ever looked at your office’s energy bill and wondered if there was any way at all to make it significantly smaller? After all, you, your staff, your clients and customers need to be comfortable. With the Denver climate, that means AC in the summer and heat in the winter. But with energy efficiency window film, your windows get a tremendous boost in thermal efficiency that will show up on your bills, summer and winter. This product, once installed, will block a significant amount of heat gain through the glass in the summer and block an equally significant amount of heat loss through the glass in the winter. How do savings of up to fifty to sixty percent off heating and cooling costs for your offices sound? Good? We thought so!


2. Privacy window film: In your Denver office, window tinting for privacy might be the perfect solution to prying eyes. Many office buildings today are built with glass doors, and the office spaces on the ground floor frequently have glass walls off the main lobby as well. Or they are partitioned with glass walls or dividers. This is lovely for light flow, but not so good for privacy. Or perhaps your office is on the ground floor of a busy street. Same issue. But with privacy window tinting, you can still have light flow but block those prying eyes. It’s available with a mirrored finish as well, to give the exterior of your building a chic modern look.

3. Decorative window film: a close cousin to privacy, this product can add an instant boost of style, color, sophistication, and interest to any glass surface in your Denver office. It is available in colors, patterns, and styles that look like expensive etched or painted glass, or even stained glass.

For business owners in Denver, office window tinting is also available in anti-graffiti, bomb-blast, glare reduction, loss prevention, and various other types. These products are affordable, easily installed, and do their job without any need for maintenance, year after year.

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Mike Kinsey is the Chief Operating Officer at Denver Commercial Window Tinting and has been installing window film for over a decade. His background includes years of experience in the construction industry as well as extensive project management. Mike oversees all day to day operations at the Denver branch, including onsite management of window film installations, sales, and customer relations. His knowledge of security, privacy/decorative, and energy efficient window film products is extensive, giving him the skill and aptitude to select the ideal film for any application. Mike's expertise is backed by certifications from 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education.